Trust Our Computers to Measure Twice and Cut Once

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What is CNC, and how does it relate to woodworking? CNC stands for computer numerical control. By providing CNC cutting services, Groveton Woodworks can cut, shape and engrave wood for your project without the risk of human error. That means that you're guaranteed to get custom cabinets or tables that fit your space perfectly.

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3 reasons to trust us with your woodworking needs

3 reasons to trust us with your woodworking needs

Wondering why you should hire us to provide woodcutting services for your home or business in the Groveton, Lufkin or Humble, TX area? Unlike our competitors who often take up to eight weeks to fulfill orders, our professionals can complete your request in only three weeks.

To enhance the quality of your product, we:

  1. Use top-of-the-line CAD technology to design custom cabinetry and furniture
  2. Utilize multiple CNC wood cutting machines to make precise cuts the first time
  3. Hire experienced woodworkers to run our equipment and assemble our pieces



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